The desire of consumer for smoked product is increasing. Hence, it is important to study method for smoke flavoring in favorite food, like corn chip. This research are aiming to study the applicable technology to give smoke flavor in corn chip, and to investigate consumer acceptance for the smoked corn chip.

The pre-research was started by determining the best technique to give smoke flavor. Variation technique for giving smoke flavor are immersing in a moment, immersing in 5 minutes, and spraying. The result of this pre research is spraying liquid smoke 2% with ratio corn chip equal liquid smoke 20:4.  The following research is determining optimal concentration and ratio that is accepted by consumer.

Concentration that used in this research are 0%, 2%, and 4% with ratio corn chip equal liquid smoke are 10:1, 10:2, and 10:3. The result of this research by ANOVA and DMRT (Duncan Multiple Range Test) for hedonic test towards odor, taste, texture, and overall liking by 20 panelists shows that the best technique is spraying liquid smoke 2% with ratio 10:1. The smoked corn chip has moisture content 3,84%; fat content 12,72%; protein content 9,01%; fiber content 3,22%; ash content 1,06%, and phenol content 9,73 x 10-4 %.

This paper was presented on Food National Conference 2008 conducted by Indonesian Food Technologist Association (PATPI) in Yogyakarta – Indonesia. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this research further.