Belgium is a country in Western Europe. It is a founding member and play important role of the EU. The main office of EU is located in Brussels. Belgium is one of the best chocolate producer in the world. The most  popular brand of Belgian Chocolate is Leonidas. If you want to know more about Leonidas, please visit their official website.

I am sure every people in the world know about french-fries. The people may expect that the food originally come from French. However, some people do not have same opinion. In any event, historical accounts indicate that the Belgians were possibly frying up thin strips of potatoes as early as the late 17th century (though some claim it wasn’t until the late 18th century) in the Meuse Valley between Dinant and Liège, in Belgium.  How they supposedly came up with the idea was that, in this area, it was very common for the people to fry up small fish as a staple for their meals.  However, when the rivers froze up thick enough, it tended to make it somewhat difficult to get fish.  So instead of frying up fish in these times, they would cut up potatoes in long thin slices, and fry them up as they did the fish (Source: Yes, that is a short history about french fries which is claimed by Belgian. When french fries is not origin from french, how about french kiss??? Is that also not from french culture? I don’t know about that, sorry… 🙂

Belgium is a beautiful country with the river in the middle of some cities. Arrive Belgium at first day makes me so excited. However, I thing I will not stay here in a long time. The city, especially Ghent, is grizzle all day. It makes us missing sun shine, like in Indonesia.