Hugarian bread

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

Hungary was ex-communist country that is republic now. Travelling for enjoying many interesting places in Budapest is simple. We can join a free walking tour. Although the title is “free”, in the end of the trip we still will pay the guide tour. It was about 5 euro for 2 person, me and my spouse. However, I thing it is not too expensive, since we can understand every object visited, such as The Hungarian Parliament, The Szechenyi Chain Bridge, Hungarian State Opera House, Buda Castle which is recognized as UNESCO heritage, Fisherman’s Bastion which is the inspiration of Disney Castle.

 Fisherman’s Bastion : The Real Disney Castle

The most importing attraction in Budapest that I thing Indonesia should imitate is the existence of Agriculture Museum! The museum is full fill with agriculture tools used in Hungary, since the traditional until the modern tools. Besides, the museum also displays traditional food, culture, and animals that was usually hunted in the past. Enjoying Budapest need 2 days only, I thing. We can visit all of the famous attractions in the city.

Hungry in Hungary? Do not worry, Hungary is one of the cheapest country in Europe (at least, than their neighbor: Austria). We can find many kind of authentic Hungarian food, such as Perec and kifli which are widely popular pastries.

Me and The Szechenyi Chain Bridge