Philippine is a country in South-east Asia which is Manila as the capital. In the day, Manila is almost not different with Jakarta. However, in the night the city is full of light. I imagine that  I am in Las Vegas, because of the light! Yes, I just imagine, since I have never gone to America.  Phillipine, particularly Manila, is nothing special, I thing. I would not to got to Manila again, except I have duty there. I do not thing that this city is good for vacation. I am sorry Phillipine 🙂 May, the other side of the country, such as Cebu, is better, but I can not tell much about the area outside Manila.

One of the most popular dessert in Philippine is Halo-halo. What kind of food is that?  This is a mixture of shaved ice and  evaporated milk, which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl. Do not expect too much about this, in Indonesia you can find it easily. You can call it ES CAMPUR in bahasa.