Profile of “Program Studi D3  Teknologi Hasil Pertanian Sebelas Maret University”

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYbEXybq6Qg

Finally, we finish it! Congratulation for “Program Studi D3  Teknologi Hasil Pertanian” Sebelas Maret University  having “B” for the accreditation. It needs hardwork to accomplish accreditation process. Although it will not as serious as preparing accreditation for S-1 program, I think.

Indeed, some people are underestimate to Study Program D3, rather than S1. Hence, it is very understandable if high school graduates choose to pursue bachelor degree than diploma. Many consider that the diploma program graduates has no prospects. This is not entirely true. Studying in diploma program has many advantages compared to bachelor degree programs, among others are shorter study period (3 years); having more skills (typically lab: theory = 2 credits: 1 credits); tend to be faster to get a job; as well as able to continue to bachelor degree program. In fact, D3 graduates in further studies through transfer programs is often more superior in class than regular student. Moreover the student who had job before. I think, this is because of their experience, of course. Hopefully, the diploma graduates who is pursuing bachelor degree would be more quickly get a job that regular student. Keep the diploma spirit !