Singapore is one of a small country in South East Asia. The clean and discipline city is my first impression when I went there. May It is also the first impression of traveler who visit Singapore. I hope, my country can imitate the public management. Although, many people doubt that. What is the main difference between Indonesia and Singapore? Indonesia is a big country consist of very big population, so it is very difficult to manage all people in Indonesia. In other hand, Singapore  is a little country with small population. Hence, it is  no worder when the government manage their people easily.

The Damned Net Changi Airport !

Many people visit Singapore for traveling and shopping. They thing that going to the city make a proud. But, I do not thing so. In my opinion, almost all of the attraction in Singapore is artificial, such as Universal Studio, Merlion Park, Song of The Sea, Orchad Road, and so on. Hence, I still love traveling in Indonesia than in Singapore. Singapore do not has natural objects such as Bali, Bunaken, Raja Ampat, Mahameru, Jaya Wijaya, and many object that can not be explained shortly.

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