In the early of 2012, UNS gains an special achievement from 4ICU. Among thousands universities in Indonesia, UNS is awarded in 7th positions. It is not too bad, guys! 4ICU (4 International Colleges & Universities) is an international higher education search engine and directory reviewing accredited Universities and Colleges. includes 11,000 Colleges and Universities, ranked by web popularity, in 200 countries. This position is still better than several recognize universities in this country, such as ITS Surabaya, UnAir Surabaya, IPB Bogor,  as well as UnPad Bandung.

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I think it is a good step to realize “UNS to be world class university (WCU)”. Indeed, increasing ranking of UNS in the world based on institution web popularity, such as in either 4ICU or webometrics, is more realistic than promoting  in world university ranking by THES. The Times Higher Education (THE), formerly Times Higher Education Supplement (THES), is a weekly British magazine based in London reporting specifically on news and other issues related to higher education. It is the United Kingdom’s leading higher education news publication. In the world university ranking, there are many categories evaluated causing very hard to get maximum grade.

So, optimizing official web of university to get good position in 4ICU and webometrics is a nice strategy to realize “UNS as world class university”, or at least “UNS as world recognized class university”.   And I am sure, this blog plays a role (although just a little…) to increase the position of UNS in both 4ICU and webometrics.