Saturday, 27th November 2011, a surprising short message enter to my mobile phone. Certainly the SMS also would be delivered to all of staff of Department of Food Science and Technology UNS, I guest.

“Innalillahi wa innailaihi roji’un… telah berpulang ke rahmatulloh Prof. Sri Handayani. Pemakaman beliau hari ini pukul 12.30 dari rumah duka. Jl…..”

Innalillahi wa innailaihi roji’un… Everything comes from Allah, and everything coming from Allah will be back to Allah.

Prof. Ir. Sri Handayani, M.S, Ph.D is the founding father of Department of Food Science and Technology UNS. Her dedication for this institution can not be doubted anymore. From zero, she guided her junior to build this department so that Department of Food Science and Technology UNS can establish and exist until now.

Her effort in education, research, and community service led her to gain several prestigious awards. Her colleagues, students, and institution have deep sadness after she leaves this world. It is proven by numbers of condolences by facebook and bouquet indicating their grief.

Good bye Professor. Please rest in peace. We will keep on your step. We will continue your dream. We will try to be you.

Try to be like Prof. Han???

Simple idea, but it not as easy as a pie. However, we hope we can !